Support rules


1) Terms and definitions

In these Regulations (hereinafter - Regulations), the following terms and definitions:

Technical Support Team (hereinafter TST) - Administration and Moderators acting on behalf of the Administration “Anomaly Zone” endowed with appropriate powers and performing the functions to ensure proper service to users under a license agreement and provide technical support.

User - any natural or legal person who uses the services of the Company provided "Cybertime Games" LLC.

Technical support - activities are carried by moderators of “Anomaly Zone” (TST) to ensure proper maintenance of the User.

Functioning of the services provided by the Administration of “Anomaly Zone” according to the user (License) agreement for the provision of functional of the games of “Anomaly Zone”, the timely provision of information necessary for the normal functioning of the User of “Anomaly Zone”.

Request - in-system message, which allows users to communicate quickly with staff support and vice versa.

2) Functional Responsibilities STS

  1. Remote User consultation according created Request (24 hours daily, 7 days a week);
  2. Providing adequate services to users in the limits imposed by the License Agreement;
  3. Help to solve problems related to the functioning of the services provided under a license agreement;
  4. Hardware monitoring;
  5. Notification of relevant persons if a problem occurs on the server side.

3) Rules for Creating Requests

  1. Be sure to read FAQ. Perhaps your request has already been answered before;
  2. Specify the name of the Request;
  3. When preparing a Request read How to ask a question related to technical problems in the game (FAQ Technical question item 20);
  4. Do not forget the rules of the English language. Always a pleasure to read and respond to messages without errors;
  5. Upon receiving a response or correction of a mistake, do not forget to close the Request

4) Privacy Policy

After creating Request only you and Administration TST can see it and to other people access to viewing, reading and downloading of files is prohibited and will not be given under any circumstances on our part.

Without the consent of the Administration of TST, you cannot tell and send data files which were received from the Administration of TST to third parties.

When Administration of TST ask you to give your account password, in any case, do not do it

TST administration can change your account by their own, if it is needed, and we do not need a password. But if you gave your password or you was asked to, please write to http://support.Anomaly marked "Administration". In the text, specify the ID Request and who responded (asked). And change the password wherever you have it(Game, Forum, etc.)

5) The processing of requests received by the STF

The basis for work is a request of the User.

Note: All entries are automatically registered in the database hardware-software complex "CTP" by assigning an identification number (ID), and user interaction with the staff of TST is kept for one year.

In the request must be clearly and precisely formulated problems with which the user was faced and also write an indication of the game character, if the problems were with that, as well as the time of problems.

To perform certain actions TST officer may request additional information from the User (example: file Dxdiag.txt).

TST is not obligated to consulting on programming, web design, configuration scripts and third-party programs, and other similar matters.

Answers may also be issued in the form of links to relevant pages on the Forum Anomaly Zone or on the Web sites of software.

6) Request may be denied for the following main reasons:

  1. Lack of authentication information, if the authorization was required (Request has been given not form the account which is connected with the problem);
  2. Requirement to provide services that are not appropriate functional responsibilities of the TST; (The License Agreement)
  3. If an account is blocked in connection with violations - By the decision of the Head of TST;

Requests to TST are processed in the order they are received. The maximum term reaction to treatment is determined by the priority level. Outside queues can be processed requests with high priority which are requiring emergency intervention or consultation with technical support specialists.

To such requests may be referred questions when the server is restarted. The solution time depends on the priority of request, complexity of the problem and need to transfer the issue to other Departments of TST

TST cannot guarantee a solution to the problem, because at the time of solving problems can be affected by various factors such as the timeliness of responses to users, administrators timely response, the need to address issues in other departments, etc. The reaction time depends on the overall load of TST . In some cases, issues can be done almost immediately after receiving questions or additional information from the user.

7) The boundary levels of technical support

Answer on the request is not more than 10 working days from the date of filing.

8) Responsibilities and rights of the parties

TST must:

  1. Accept Requests for technical support from the User;
  2. Promptly notify the appropriate persons in case of problems with the server.

If the user ask TST than he must:

  1. Provide accurate and comprehensive information about the nature of the problem;
  2. Timely follow the instructions of the TST, which help to identify the causes of malfunctions.

TST has the right to:

  1. Require information and perform the actions of users needed to identify the causes of problems;
  2. Prompts the user for additional information (for example: file Dxdiag.txt).

The user has the right to:

  1. Require solve the problems in the terms defined by these regulations;
  2. Receive consultations under this Regulation.

9) Working hours

Technical Support Team is working around the clock every day without a lunch break, weekends and holidays.